The Official Bio:

Diane WhiddonI’m a business coach for healers, authors and creatives.  For the last twelve years, I’ve been helping people who love what they do build bigger businesses. My mission for every one of my clients is that they witness and recognize their own brilliance, get reconnected with their dreams, and fall in love with themselves all over again.  From that place, they can take bigger risks in the world and contribute to their Right People in a bigger way. (Read: more joy = more productivity)

I work closely with my clients to help them get clear on their purpose, and take meaningful action toward the life they want to create. I want you to have the time, energy and space you need to live your life fully.  For me, this is about witnessing your own beauty, knowing and being able to speak your own truth, and feeling your inherent goodness shining back at you from the world.

I support anyone who believes they have a gift to share, whether they’re new to entrepreneurship, or simply jaded with the typical marketing strategies.  The best clients for me are heart-centered entrepreneurs who are willing to grow and expand their reach.

The More Personal Bio:

I work for people who are tired of compromising themselves in order to succeed. Maybe you haven’t found the success you’ve wanted, or maybe you have, and you’re miserable.  Either way, I’ve devoted my life to helping solopreneurs develop strong, clear business strategies that grow their businesses AND feel really, really good to implement.

What’s the point of success if you hate how you’re getting it?  Who cares about six-figures if you’re not fulfilled in your work?  

I want you to be so lit up from within about what you do and who you do it for that marketing is easy, simple and fun.  From that place, it’s easy to grow your business.

Want to hear a little more about how I got my start, and when I first figured out what marketing really was?  Check out this video where I tell my story about how I really began my life’s work (warning: contains some swearing).

For reference, the blog posts in the video are the one about the big, metal chicken, and the one with the towels and my ultimate marketing epiphany.


Diane WhiddonI was born and raised in Florida, which I managed to escape when I was 30.  I lived a few years in Chicago, and then finally found my home in Boulder, Colorado.

I didn’t see snow until I was 26.

I’ve danced and done yoga all my life.

My favorite food is anything curry or cinnamon, though I’m mostly vegetarian these days. #bacon

I listen to everything from Jimmy Buffett to the Indigo Girls, and Fall Out Boy to Norah Jones.

My favorite color is #ac0039 (obviously) and orange, though I’m also a sucker for teal.

I ski, which is to say that I ride the lifts and slowly cruise down the greenest of the green runs.

I rarely eat sweets, but when I do, it’s always almond croissants.

Diane doing yoga over a beer barrel.

What I believe:

Your natural state is joyful, esteemed and abundant.

It is your birthright to be joyful and fulfilled by your work and life. It is your natural state to experience the world as having abundant money and opportunities. And you deserve to feel and know the value of your contribution. In fact, the world will not work without it.

It is my job to help you recognize where you’re blocking your own success and happiness by first and foremost always seeing the wholeness and perfection of Who You Are. From this place of truth, it will be easier for you to unearth and shift old programming that is stopping your success and ultimate happiness.

You have everything you need within you.

You are a divine being with the entire knowledge of the Universe at your fingertips. You have access to this timeless wisdom in every moment, and I believe that you will instinctively know it when you tap into it.

My job is not to ‘teach’ you, but to help you remember Who You Are, a powerful, joyful, loving being who is here to experience all of life, including wild success, abundance, and the humbling truth of your intrinsic value.

I do not need to change you.

There is nothing about you that is broken or wrong, so I do  not see it as our job to help you, teach you, change you or fix anything about you.

My job is to give you as many possibilities for your contribution and future as we can, knowing that you will resonate with the ones that serve you and begin to create the exact life and business that you were meant for.

This is where we’ll talk about technical website details, marketing strategies, passive income products and anything else that might serve you and your business, but never with a sense of imposing my will upon you or forcing you to do things the one Right Way for everyone else. Instead, my goal is to gently guide you to choose the options that resonate most with you right now.

I believe that this is the surest path for your success, and that you will recognize it before I will.



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