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Diane Whiddon

Hi. I’m Diane.

I’m a marketing and branding expert, and it is my passion to help make running your business more fun AND more profitable.

That means making marketing more fun (It’s possible. No, really.), setting up awesome biz strategies that actually support you, and creating an overall business that’s easy to grow in a sustainable, joyful way.

It’s possible.

Whether you’re a healer, and you just want to do more of your work in the world, or you’re a writer or creative and the ‘business’ side of running your business gives you the willies, I’m here to show you how running your business can actually be enjoyable, and that seeking out that part is the secret to wild and crazy success.

In this way, elevator pitches become Declarations of Commitment, marketing strategies become more about your being than your doing, and our businesses become love and service in action.

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My Mission Statement in Under Two Minutes:


About Diane





Marketing Guru Diane Whiddon


My Mission:

For you to witness and recognize your own brilliance, get reconnected to your dreams, and fall in love with your business (and yourself) all over again. 

From THAT place you can take more risks, expand your reach, and interact with the world in a bigger way.